The Cefalo Blog: Jimmy Cefalo Mocks Hispanic Workers

the cefalo blogRecently, in an apparent attempt to pander to his anti-Hispanic listeners, Jimmy Cefalo has begun to refer to the station’s traffic report as the “Julio and Juan” report, as in have Julio and Juan picked up the cones yet? He has done this shtick on a number of occasions. Apparently, someone told him it was hilarious. It’s not. What it is is a stereotypical view that all those who wear hard hats and orange vests have to be Hispanic.

The Cefalo Blog Captures The Truth About Jimmy Cefalo

This guy and his minion Manny Munoz (A Cuban apologist) complain that we are too lenient in allowing undesirable foreigners, mainly Mexicans, to come to the United States, but then when they come here legal, find honest work, and pay their fair share of taxes, he mocks them with “Julio and Juan” comments.

These comments are insulting and hurtful to many. WIOD should demand that he stop his racist behavior immediately!  Thanks again for visiting The Cefalo Blog.