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Nice Teeth huh?

Jimmy Cefalo, WIOD’s pompous and pretentious morning show host is constantly directing his listeners to the Cefalo blog.  There, the father of two who once bragged about giving his underage daughters alcohol gives his listeners a ton of useless information including pictures of scantily dressed woman on many occasions.  Instead, I created this blog to keep tabs on this blowhard and his convenient conservatism.

For those of you looking for the Cefalo blog, just know that this is not the official one, this is better.  Here I will discuss things such as how this man who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year slams cops, firefighters, and teachers by calling for them to pay more into their retirement and health insurance while then patronizing them by holding a one day fund raiser for the police.  I will touch on things such as the comments he made when the recent news of the earthquake hit Japan.  Before saying that his show would be interrupted by a 10 minutes FOX news alert covering the quake, Cefalo said, “We are all going to die!,” then chuckled as he went to Fox.  I guess he was pissed that his show was about to be interrupted.  I guess the quake wasn’t important enough for good old Jimmy!

Also, how could we not cover Jimbo’s lap dog Many Munoz, the guy with the not for radio voice who actually believes he has some sort of talent.  His only talents are making coffee for the Jimster and constantly agreeing with him.  The guy is a buffoon.  I have actually heard Jimmy ask him for an opinion on something; have heard him give it, only to have Jim disagree.  Immediately, Munoz will reverse course and agree with his master.  The guy can only be called a no-talent joke.

Recently when told by Cefalo that President Obama would be visiting a local high school, Manuel asked what school it was?  When Jimmy said it was Miami Central Senior High School, which is in a predominately African American community, Munoz said that they better have extra security there.  I guess he didn’t realize crime is down at the school and that the reason for the President’s visit was that the school had transformed from an F school to a C school, a tremendous accomplishment.  His comment was laced with ignorance and racism.

So bookmark this page everyone.  I promise to keep tabs on the show and I will update you with their constantly idiotic comments and I will sift through their delusions of grandeur to bring you the very best, actually worst, of their show.  Thanks for reading the Cefalo blog!

Jimmy Cefalo always had a face for radio

jimmy cefalo

Jimmy Cefalo Has Failed Before

Many people might not realize that in 1989, NBC gave Jimmy “The Prick” Cefalo a chance to do commentary on NFL games. The reason you might not remember is the fact the experiment did not go so well. In fact, he was terrible! The experiment lasted one season and Jimmy Cefalo was not asked back. You see, WPLG Channel 10 was not the only company that gave the Jimster his walking papers!